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Hurtigruten voyage

The world's most beautiful voyage

In spring the warmth returns to the shores of Norway and sunlight rejuvenates life along the coastline. Rising higher and higher each day, the sun works overtime to thaw the frozen land.

The Land of the Midnight Sun truly lives up to its name during summer. The extended daylight, lasting 24 hours a day above the Arctic Circle, makes every Norwegian 'night' a joy to behold.

As summer fades and changes to autumn, watch the coastline shift colours from one season to another. Along the Norwegian shores the clear air strengthens the reds and yellows which fill the mountain sides, hilltops and woods. Autumn is a tranquil time on board Hurtigruten, and you get the time to enjoy the bright colours, the fresh air and the beautiful scenery we pass.

A winter expedition along the coast of Norway is a refreshing experience. The landscape is covered in pure white snow and the air is fresh, pure and crisp. This is a special time to explore Norway's northern reaches with Hurtigruten, when you can experience a magical winter wonderland and hopefully see the mesmerising Aurora Borealis.

Discover the beauty of Norway's coastline, where every season provides an ever-changing backdrop to a journey of matchless wonder. Choose the 12-day Classic Round Voyage or enjoy one of Hurtigruten shorter journeys alone or in a combination. We can tailor-make your journey with stops along the route in places where you wish to spend more time.

When traveling with the Hurtigruten you may choose from a wide selection of shore-excursions offered. Buy tickets on board, or let us help you design the vacation of your dreams!

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