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National Tourist Routes

It all started in 1994, as a trial project aiming to offer motorists an alternative to the main roads, and stunning architecture along the way. An architectural council was set up, a team of international architects assembled, and before too long interesting buildings started to emerge along Norwegian roads.

There are 18 National Tourist Routes (NTR) in Norway, all of which will have been fully completed by 2020. Running along the coast, fjords, and mountains, these routes embrace Norway and its beautiful countryside, offering world-class scenery and vistas at every bend.

Along the way, exciting stops have been designed for taking breaks, parking for hikes and taking photographs. This visionary project, which covers 2,036 kilometres of road and will have been 26 years in the making when completed, is mainly financed by the Norwegian government, and represents an investment of 3.5 billion NOK.

National Tourist Routes in Northern Norway

From the at times lunar landscapes of Varanger NTR in the very far north to the breathtaking scenery of the Helgeland Coast NTR in the south, the National Tourist Routes of Northern Norway are as spectacular as they are different. Natural highlights include Torghatten and Saltstraumen in Helgeland and the beautiful rugged peaks of the Lofoten Islands, among many others, while the witch memorial at Steilneset in Varanger and the toilet facilities (yes!) at Akkarvikodden in the Lofoten Islands are both buildings worth the detour in their own right. Other routes in Northern Norway include Havøysund, Senja and Andøya.

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The road to Nyksund in Vesterålen. Photo by Eric Fokke.

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