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Enjoy your winter visit in Lofoten and Vesterålen (LoVe)

Vesterålen and Lofoten is located on the Norwegian coast between latitudes 67 and 70, and perfect for a combined visit. Vesterålen offers whale safari and Andøya Space Center / Spaceship Aurora. Lofoten offers Viking history and pittoresque fishing villages. Join us for an all inclusive winter visit in LoVe with tasty meals based on locally produced food and lots and lots of clean, fresh air!

Whale Safari at Andenes

Both areas offer beautiful scenery! Vesterålen with its walking friendly mountains and beautiful fjords. Lofoten with its tougher rock formations and many charming fishing villages. In this way Lofoten and Vesterålen complements each other, and we often visit both areas on the same trip. September through March we frequently enjoy the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in this areas.

Day 1:

 Arrival at Harstad / Narvik airport Evenes (Norwegian or SAS directly from Oslo)

Day 2:

Whale Safari at Andenes. We start with a guided tour of the whale museum before we board the boat that will take us out to sea. Research and education on cetaceans has been an important part of Whalesafari since its establishment in 1989.The Whale Centre offers researchers from all over the world the opportunity to develop their research projects using its facilities and platforms. Winter trips are pretty special because of the amazing colors both at midday and at night. Sperm whales are present throughout the year, and in the winter we have the chance to observe several other species as well. 

Day 3:

At Spaceship Aurora you will learn to know the northern lights, how it effects on our planet, and how the northern lights are reflected in Norwegian history and culture.The Space center offer a short widescreen film about the history of the northern lights research. How the Vikings perceived the Aurora, how Kristian Birkeland proved how the aurora worked an how rockets from Andøya are used in the research of Aurora Borealis. Spaceship Aurora offers exciting experiments, exhibitions and 3D movies about space and the aurora.

Day 4:

At Borg the largest Viking longhouse ever found in the world, have been excavated and reconstructed. The impressive 83 m long building is beautifully located, on a perfect spot to observe the northern lights (Aurora Borealis). Travel 1000 years back in time and take part in a Viking feast. Feel the smell of tar and smoke, see beautiful craftswork. Enjoy a generous meal made on local ingredients, and of course - the drink of the Gods; mead! Get to know the Vikings through stories, songs and traditional dance. Also visit in exhibition halls before the Viking feast.

Day 5:

Departure from Harstad / Narvik airport Evenes

This package includes accommodation in Rorbu cabins or Hotel at Andenes and in Svolvær, two nights on each place. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Comfortable coach or minibus transport from / to airports and activities. We can also offer local guide / escorte on this trip. Suitable for groups. For individuals we are happy to include rental car. Additional activities possible: Visit Sami camp, dog sledding, northern lights search, sightseeing, visit at galleries and museums, riding on Islandic horses, Sea eagle safari, kayaking, surfing, visit producers of local food, fishing trip, and so much more...

Send us a request and we will be happy to tailor your adventure in LoVe!

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